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Self-Build brings a unique opportunity to design a home that suits your individual needs, with the added incentive of potentially significant cost savings over traditional property purchase methods. However, there are inevitably pitfalls along this route, and Project Associates have the skills and experience to smooth this path. Unlike most self-build service companies, we provide bespoke cradle to grave solutions, providing everything you need to make your dream home become a reality. Our environmental policy is imbedded in all our activities, and we endeavour to use natural, low-carbon, recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible.

We recognise that building your house can be a complicated feat. The difficulties with obtaining suitable land and acquiring planning permissions can be very daunting, and puts many people off before they even start. However, here are Project Associates we are happy to help from the very beginning, helping you to find plots, obtain permits or remediate brownfield sites.

Your home should be to your specification, fitting your requirements and personality. We will work with you collaboratively to accomplish this. Taking your concept we will conduct feasibility studies, before designing a home bespoke to you. With our extensive supply chain and procurement services, we will source materials and contractors which will fit around your needs. Unlike many companies, we understand that a house is not a home until the interior is fitted out. We will not leave you with a shell, instead we will ensure that your interior is finished to a quality standard, in-keeping with the exterior and combining aesthetics and functionality. Our project managers will oversee the entirety of the project, ensuring it all runs to budgetary and time constraints.

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