Social Responsibility – Environmental Enhancement – Local Infrastructure Improvements – Community Projects – Pre-Start Assessment and Feasibility Studies

Project Associates are committed to the ongoing support, development and promotion of social and community enhancement and enterprise, we actively reinvest all profits from our community projects back into the social enhancement division; this is independently administered and audited to meet current CIC regulations, contributing towards training, innovation and future development.

We have a passion and vision to actively improve the local and wider environment, supporting projects and ideas which meet an inclusive and collaborative social criteria.

These projects look to transform contaminated brownfield sites into worthwhile community projects, creating low cost housing, leisure and play facilities, schools and community infrastructure such as NHS drop in centres and pre-school placement.

We continually update and improve our brownfield site database to provide detailed information on remediation, decontamination, fallow bio-diversity and feasibility studies to facilitate informed decision making in regard to cost, viability and resource requirements, we also provide detailed planning, design, project management and funding options to smooth the path.

social and community projects